After 7 years of relentless and exciting work, the Libya Economic Empowerment (LEE) programme has reached the end of its journey.

While we say goodbye, we would like to thank all those who have honored us with their presence during their effective participation at our activities. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the individuals and institutions who partnered and implemented the various activities of the LEE project in many Libyan cities, (east, west and south) without whom this would not have been possible. We have indeed learned immensely from you. You are so many which is why we will not be listing the names here, but your achievements are already available on our page over the years for everyone to see and read about.

Additionally, we cannot forget that the most important factor for success is the teamwork and perseverance. So let us raise a special thanks to all the members of the MEDA Libya team since 2013 up to now- each one of you have left their special mark on the project and we are proud of your cooperation with us.

As we say goodbye to everyone today, we wish you all the best, success, health and well-being.

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