What We Do

LEE offers several free training opportunities to entrepreneurs: training

  • Online Business Education Courses: MEDA, together with D2L, a global learning technology leader, piloted since 2016 a unique education partnership in Libya that will allow thousands of female and male entrepreneurs across Libya to have access to business education courses in Arabic. The online curriculum  or Virtual Business Incubator (VBI) includes marketing, accounting and business plan development. The platform’s design works across a wide variety of devices and can provide both online and offline content for use in low-connectivity environments. To further inquire about and register for this training opportunity please contact us on business.training@meda.org.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Training: MEDA, along with local partners, offers training – both formal in-class and practical hands-on coaching, to women entrepreneurs and business owners.The training includes six basic subjects:  principles of economics, entrepreneurship, small businesses, leadership, administration, and marketing principles. For more information on the next training opportunity, please contact us.
  • Springboard Training: Springboard is an internationally accredited leading personal and work development program for both individuals and organizations. Catering to women at any age or stage in life and from all backgrounds, whether working or not working, it enables women to take more control over their lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps that they need to take and by developing the skills and confidence to take them. MEDA Libya has offered several rounds of this training to women in Libya. To enquire about the next Springboard training, please send your name, brief CV, and information about your business to our team on  infolibya@meda.org
  • ICT Training: ICT Training (Information Communication Technology) dedicated to the basic entrepreneurship skills and link to the use of technology – How to use an internet browser – How to create professional email accounts – How to shape professional communications – Use of social media for marketing purposes. To enquire about the next ICT training in your city please send your name, brief CV, and information about your business to our team on infolibya@meda.org.

Coming Soon ………. Leadership and Personal Development training for men between the ages of 18 -35 ! Follow us on Facebook for news about this opportunity