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Sarah Mellas – 7 for Interior Design

Sara has always been passionate about interior design. She grew up looking at interior design magazines and dreaming of becoming a talented designer herself. In 2012, she started thinking of having her own design business and collecting information about opening a new business.

In 2014, she joined LWEE’s business training, which equipped her with the needed skills to plan for her own business. She also joined the program’s business plan competition. She developed an innovative plan and presented it to a panel of four business experts, demonstrating her ability to secure 50% of the needed funding to launch her business. She won the first prize of the competition receiving a 50% matching fund to turn her dream into a reality.

Sara has registered her company to be called (7 for Interior Design), and is currently working to create a furniture line inspired by the Arab history and culture. She is a living example of how LWEE program can support talented and capable women to achieve their goals and actively contribute to the growth of their society.

Sarah is one of the winners of LWEE Business Plan Competition in 2014!


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