The LEE business plan competition aims to stimulate and unleash the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with ideas that contribute to their personal economic benefit, towards developing their communities, and the well-being of Libya.

Titled STEP FORWARD, the 2019 competition is organized by Libya Economic Empowerment Programme and is aimed at young Libyan men between the ages of 15-30 years old from all over Libya.

The challenge is to conceive a new service or product offering, and then create a business plan and concept presentation aimed at convincing potential investors to finance the business, as well as a chance to win prizes between 5000 to 30,000 LYD.


Those intending to enter the competition must submit their application including the business concept or idea for review and evaluation between Thursday 11 April to Saturday 18 May 2019.

 After all applications are received and reviewed the top 60 will be chosen and their owners invited to attend 4 days of business skills training to learn among other things how to write a business plan. Following this training they are expected to send within a deadline that will be communicated to them their completed business models/business plan and study.

9 only from the 60 submissions will be invited to the next round of the competition which is learning to pitch in front of an audience.  When this training is completed the 9 finalists will be pitching live in front of a jury and guests for the chance to win the prize money.


More information on the competition can be found on our MEDA LIBYA Facebook page.