Request for proposals on Skills Gap Assessment for Youth.

Scope of Work

Skills Gap Assessment for Youth Employment in Libya

Skills Gap for Youth Entrepreneurship in Libya

Background on Libya Economic Empowerment Project

Women and youth remain a largely untapped economic resource in Libya. The Libya Economic Empowerment (LEE) project was designed specifically to release the unrecognized economic potential of women’s and youth’s entrepreneurship through engagement in a number of activities over the past 6 years and thereby help contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Purpose of Skills Gap Assessment

The purpose of the skills gap assessment is to provide Libyan youth (15-30) with information to make informed decisions about their livelihood options and be purposeful about education and professional development choices to obtain their goals. There are two main objectives of the skills gap assessment:

  • Provide youth in Libya with information on sectors with the highest potential for employment and entrepreneurship. Highest potential will be defined by the ability to earn a high wage or availability of open positions in the market in the case of employment, or short to long term earning potential and relatively low barriers to entry in the case of entrepreneurship.
  • The gap assessment will then survey the employers or business owners in that sector to obtain information about the skills needed to be successful in that sector. In this way, youth can make informed decisions about their livelihood options, and be purposeful about education and professional development choices to obtain their goals.

The LEE project envisions completing 4 skills gap assessments; 1 for male youth employment, 1 for youth female employment, 1 for male youth entrepreneurship, and 1 for female youth entrepreneurship. We reserve the right to make one award to an eligible organization to complete all 4 assessments, OR multiple awards.


This solicitation is open for proposals from registered private sector companies or non-profit organizations that have operations in Libya (do not have to be headquartered in Libya) and have the ability to work throughout Libya. Government agencies or individual consultants are not eligible to apply. To apply please send your proposal by email at:  Deadline is  April 21, 2019.

The contract / s will be awarded by 30 April, 2019.


Eligible organizations should be able to complete their skills gap assessment no later than August 1, 2019.

Eligible organizations should submit a proposal to the LEE project that is no more than 15 pages, with the following:

  • A detailed description of how the organization will carry out the skills gap assessment, including timeline for completing the work, methodology and tools used for collecting and storing data, and clearly state which of the 4 skills gap assessments they are proposing to complete; organizations may select a single assessment, any combination of assessments, or all 4 assessments.
  • Description of the organization and description of the organization’s ability to carry out the skills gap assessment, including completed similar work, core competencies, and proof of registration status in Libya.
  • List of proposed personnel, current title, brief bio, and responsibility on the skills gap assessment.
  • A detailed budget showing all the costs that are directly allocated to the project.

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13 Libyan Women Win the LWEE Business Plan Competition Award

Hundreds of  women from all parts of Libya participated in the Business Women Entrepreneurship Award competition launched by the Libya Women Economic Empowerment (LWEE) project this summer. At a big celebration in Tripoli on Saturday 24 September 2016, the names of the winners of the matching grants awards were announced after thorough deliberations by an experienced panel from Libya Enterprise and experienced business men and women. The winners (13 women from all parts of Libya) submitted creative and feasible business plans in a variety of sectors and services including education, training, health and beauty, engineering, telecommunications, etc. 

This is the second time that LWEE, supported by MEDA, has organised the competition to encourage Libyan women entrepreneurs to start and/or expand their own businesses, playing a leading role in supporting their communities and the national economy.   


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Sarah Mellas – 7 for Interior Design

Sara has always been passionate about interior design. She grew up looking at interior design magazines and dreaming of becoming a talented designer herself. In 2012, she started thinking of having her own design business and collecting information about opening a new business.

In 2014, she joined LWEE’s business training, which equipped her with the needed skills to plan for her own business. She also joined the program’s business plan competition. She developed an innovative plan and presented it to a panel of four business experts, demonstrating her ability to secure 50% of the needed funding to launch her business. She won the first prize of the competition receiving a 50% matching fund to turn her dream into a reality.

Sara has registered her company to be called (7 for Interior Design), and is currently working to create a furniture line inspired by the Arab history and culture. She is a living example of how LWEE program can support talented and capable women to achieve their goals and actively contribute to the growth of their society.

Sarah is one of the winners of LWEE Business Plan Competition in 2014!


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